So it is written….

Currently working on a book-manuscript following the aftermath of covering the Battle for Mosul and the road to healing and justice within, to find out more information on how to participate: Click for more details!


Ash Gallagher is a correspondent, author, speaker and poet who went from the Mid-West, in the U.S. to the Mid-East, and now bases in South East Asia., She covered and awakened within culture in the center of the world. Her experience as a war correspondent has lead her to examine the human condition and what binds everyone. She has shifted her attention to healing and justice work, focusing in on how we care for personal health through the use of spiritual practice, physical wellness and community. With over 16 years of experience, she uses investigative research and aesthetic storytelling, through multi-media platforms  to draw in an audience and connect on a personal level. 

Constantly processing the ebb and flow of this aesthetic, renegade, journalistic life. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter and join the conversation!