Syria, Lebanon and the conflicts that shape them, force their countries to bleed into one another, the following are stories show their diversity, their similarity, their struggle. 

Syria's Civil Conflict


Eyewitness Accounts: 

April 4, 2017: Idlib Eyewitness account (Yahoo News )

December 14, 2016: Aleppo Eyewitness account (Yahoo News Intv)



November 15, 2015DNA to find 'The Missing' from Lebanon's Civil War (Al Monitor)

October 31, 2015:  US Counter Terrorism Strategy through Lebanon Funding (Gulf News)

October 29, 2015Self-Immolation Spreads in the Middle East (Al Monitor)

July 29, 2015Beirut's Trash Problems Spurs Search for Alternatives (AJE Online)

June 30, 2015Tripoli Girls Empowered Through Graffiti Art (Al Monitor)

June 12, 2015Lebanese Surfers Catch Waves Amid Religious differences (Al Monitor)

May 15, 2015Lebanon's Jews & it's Last Standing Synagogue (Al Monitor)

January 13, 2015Lebanese Media Freedom & Unwritten Constraints (Doha Media Center, following the events of Charlie Hebdo)

October 27, 2014:  Lebanese Army Retakes Tripoli Neighborhood (Al Monitor)

March 13, 2015:  MEEX Lebanon-Arafat-Taha (feeds shot/produced)

April 27, 2015   : MEEX Lebanon-Solar-Panels (feeds co-shot/produced)


June 11, 2014Syrian Women Turn to Prostitution in Lebanon's Super Night Clubs (VICE)

October 7, 2014: A program called 'Forbidden Talk' addressing VIDEO PKG, Prostitution in the Middle East

Description: On June 3rd, 2014, Syrians Voted at Lebanon's border,.


July 18, 2014: FSA Football Team in Lebanon (MEE)

June 3, 2014STLs, VO Syrian Election in Midst of Chaos, Lebanon (Blog)

March 19,2015Lebanese Church Struggles to Support Iraqi Refugees (Al Monitor)

December 9, 2015Lebanon's Iraqi Refugees, Rent Over Health (Intended for Al Monitor)

Syrian Prostitution PKG, Segment begins at 00.31.19 - to 00.34.34, Levant TV voice over.

April 2014VIDEO PKG, Syrian Woman Self Immolates After Turned Away by UN. (intended for AJAM)(video password: tripoli)