Ash Gallagher

Career: Field Producer, Writer, Photographer, Video Editor

Technical Skills & Systems: iNews/Octopus Systems / Adobe Premiere Pro / Final Cut Pro / Photoshop CS6 / Mediasource/Media Central / DNG - Live set-up system / Outlook, Word & Internet Savvy / Basic html programs

Professional Experience:

Current - Middle East - Correspondent & Field Producer, -Freelance-  (October 2012-Present)

Working across the Middle East region, from Iraq, Palestine, Israel, Lebanon and Turkey  -News-gathering & production of original pieces illustrating political conflicts and humanitarian resilience through multi-media format. Working on a Freelance or Contract Basis, have done work with TRT-World, Yahoo News and others.

Al Jazeera International:

  • AJE, Doha - 2-Freelance Contracts/Output Producer (Nov 2014-Feb 2015, Jan-May 2016) Worked  as a segment producer - writing scripts, editing video and preparing material fOr onair delivery.

  • AJAM, NY - Freelance News-desk Editor & Intl. Pkg-Producer (Nov 2013-April 2014) Working as a News-desk Editor with AJAM - newsgathering new stories, working with correspondents in the field for live shots on air and content decisions on story production and delivery. Worked closely with shows to create the best investigative pieces as well as going out for story newsgathering and field Packages - in NY and Jerusalem.

CNN International:

  • Assignment Editor (September 2011 to March 2013) Intl. Assignment Editor // International. Newsource Assignment Editor, Producing and newsgathering, Covering editorial elements of international politics, covering the Middle East & Asia. Working with correspondents in the field to deliver sound Live Shots onair, packages and Wrote stories for Wires, online media and affiliate distribution

  • Behind The Line (Documentary), CNN Special Projects Producer (August 2011)     Assistant Producer on a Documentary which followed 5 Investigative, CNN-reporters behind the scenes the day the Mohamar Gadafi’s Compound was breached by Libyan rebels, fully produced the visual opening sequence as well as selected editorial interviews from reporters.

  • Associate Producer, Writer/Editor (December 2007 to October 2010) International, Associate Producer Worked with Video Editors (as well as Video Edited) to covering look-lives, Packages and choosing material for air as well as voiced over soundbites for air. Writing for shows on air for CNN International. Lives producer from Control Room.

  • CNN Media Operations Video Journalist and Satellites (November 2005 - December 2007) As a VJ, performed duties in the control room, running prompter, making sure Anchors had scripts and stage direction for CNN International. While in Satellites worked overnight to monitor International Satellites for billing purposes.

U.S. Local Markets:

  • San Diego 6, CW Bay City Television, Producer and Editor (November 2010 - August 2011) Assignment Desk Editor, co-Producer & Writer - for nightly news and weekend show production on area relevant stories that ranged from Mexican Border complications to inner city crime and local politics.

  • Pensacola Voice (January 2005-September 2005) Contributor/Reporter, Editor’s Assistant Pensacola, Florida: Covered Feature Stories concerning African American Affairs in the community.

  • Fountain Valley News, (June 2003 - June 2004) Feature and Commentary Reporter, Fountain, Colorado: Wrote features for Military community

Education & Training:

Hostile Environment Training:

  • Pioneer Consulting Group (August 2012) With Tim Crockett, CEO conducted a 4-day intensive Medical and Security Training session for journalists in conflict situations

  • WarZone Freelance Medical Safety Training (October 2016) Co-operative organization promoted by CPJ providing a 2-day Medical Awareness course for war zone journalists, completed in Erbil, Northern Iraqi-Kurdistan.

Pikes Peak Community College: Graduated

Major: Associate of Arts Degree Emphasis Journalism,

Courses included Journalism Studies, Sociology, Psychology & International Government

Red Cross: August 2011

International Humanitarian Law Course covering Geneva Convention and dealings in conflict coverage and rescue operations.

Interests: Sociological and political effects of war & conflict, and economic downturn, Religion and Historical Context. Middle Eastern & Southeast Asian Affairs, Social Peace Efforts,. Music Culture, Extreme Sports, Nature, Fitness & Nutrition.

References available upon request