Photo by Kate Carlton Photography 2018

Photo by Kate Carlton Photography 2018

A Letter To You:

The journey began when I was 19-years old, two weeks before Christmas at 11-pm-at-night, when I voiced my intention for the first time.

Now, as a correspondent, producer, writer, poet, advocate, and sacred human, I value story-telling on an epic level and it’s still a journey every day, shifting in multi-media formats ever developing in the 21st-Century.

As I work to inform you, I often find you are teaching me too. It is a privilege to participate in the expansion of our global human narrative.

I aim to cultivate a practice which offers healing through truth and reconciliation, and establishes restorative justice in communities, by the way in which we tell our stories.

I am currently in South-East Asia, but able to travel to the Middle East for assignments, speaking or projects. If you’re interested in working with me, feel free to review my CV and contact me. I look forward to what we will create together.