Mosul Memoir Project

  • Reckoning in the Rubble is a memoir-style story and series of essays, from the front-lines during the battle for Mosul -  examining the aftermath of war, awakening to self-actualization and healing. It will explore themes such as tribalism, the sacred self, accountability and the idea that everything is spiritual - through the lens of a female war correspondent who found her arc and restorative voice, defining how we all belong in the world.

  • I am anticipating the manuscript will be 50,000-60,000 words and aim to have the first draft completed by end of Mid to End-September.

  • This work is currently being written, self-funded and looking to publishing opportunities. If you are interested in the content, as an Editor, or for shorter essays and OpEds, please contact me directly.

VIDEO reel. Mosul Memoir Project.

And yet, there, in the silence of a broken space, thousands of miles away in a high desert of an Eastern church, and in the aftermath of war, something struck me. I prayed a dangerous prayer…
— From "Reckoning in the Rubble"
PHOTO: Batnayah, November 2016, N of Mosul

PHOTO: Batnayah, November 2016, N of Mosul