As Iraq faces some of its greatest threats, the following stories follow a war for ideology, governance and peace. 



August 27, 2018: Christians Dwindle & Struggle for Survival OpEd (TRTW-Online)

July 18, 2018:  Mosul is still under rubble and a new power vacuum is emerging OpEd(TRTW-Online)

May 29, 2018: Daesh Defeat in Iraq needs, Political Reforms OpEd (TRTW Online)


Across Iraq, early polls have opened for police officers and soldiers to cast their votes in parliamentary elections. TRTWorld Report

In Iraq, a coalition - determined to create a secular democracy - wins to unseat Prime Minister Haider al Abadi. TRT-World Report

Iraqis are also heading to the polls in days to elect a new parliament. Despite the strong security presence, voters aren't certain this will stop.

Iraqi elections week underway in Baghdad. TRTWorld Video Walk/Talk

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Iraqi Federal Police fight Daesh in the morning hours after the Mosque exploded. 

Aboard the USS George HW Bush

Iraqis cross the bridge after being trapped, desperate and hungry.

Women weep over homecoming of loved ones after being smuggled out from under ISIS.

Iraqi forces are pushing against the areas remaining ISIS fighters. Yahoo News


May 9, 2018: Iraqis Want More Than Security From New Government (TRTW Online)

December 13, 2017: Daesh Trials Begin In Mosul And Justice Is Swift (Yahoo News)

October 27, 2017: Kurds Say US Supported Terrorists after Losing Kirkuk (Yahoo News)

September 22, 2017: Kurdish Referendum Ramifications for Iraq (Yahoo News)

July 14th, 2017: What ISIS Leaves Behind (Yahoo News)

July 10, 2017: Iraqi PM Declares Victory but violence remains (Yahoo News)

July 6, 2017: Airstrikes Reveal Disconnect with Civilian Casualties (Yahoo News)

June 23, 2017:  The Fall of the Great Mosque (Yahoo News)

May 23, 2017: Iraqi Forces in a final push (Yahoo News)

May 3, 2017: AmericanWoman Tattoos in Iraq amid Conflict (Yahoo Beauty)

April 20, 2017: Iraqis struggle to survive after fleeing ISIS  (Yahoo News)

March 29, 2017: Survivors recount deadly US Airstrike (Yahoo News)

March 18, 2017: Hashd Fight in Tal Afar & Legacy of American Commander (Yahoo News)

March 5, 2017: Iraqis Describe Chemical Attacks in Mosul (Yahoo News)

January 4, 2017: Smugglers Rescue Yazidi Women from ISIS (Yahoo News)

November 28, 2016: Kurds - with eye on Trump, protect Christian town (Yahoo News)

November 14, 2016: Iraqi Special Forces Push Deeper into Mosul (Yahoo News)

November 3, 2016:  Aid Group Risks Frontlines of War for IDPs (Yahoo News)

November 7, 2016: Iraqi Journalists get Medical Training Amid Mosul Battle (Doha Center for Media

October 23, 2016: Peshmerga fight on the Nawaran front (Yahoo News)

October 7, 2016: Children Trained by Daesh face a bleak future  (Yahoo News)

September 12, 2016: They Battle for Mosul, the Outlook, Strategy & Why it Matters (Yahoo News)

August 29, 2016: On the ground, Peshmerga train to take Mosul(Yahoo News)

August 25, 2016After ISIS, Clearing mines amid rubble of war (Yahoo News)

June 20, 2016: Fallujah Doctor Battles to Save Babies from Toxic Legacy (Yahoo News)

June 20, 2016Displaced Iraqis Escape Daesh and Start Over with Soap. (Gulf News)



We are helping and healing [the Christians], and we are ready to be martyred for them. They are our sisters, our brothers, our soul mates.”

-A Muslim Peshmerga Colonel -